The 2020 Road Project

Since the middle of the year we have been collecting donations for the repair of a local road in Zrmanja. This road is an important connection between the local main road and the national road in the village. The poor condition of the road surface can be seen in the first pictures.

Together with some local residents and members we did the preliminary work to repair the asphalt. With the support of the town of Gracac, the repair work was completed.

I thank all the helpers for their support.

još jedna akcia

Naša Udruga je i ovaj dan posvetila uređenju okoliša i očuvanju kulturne baštine našeg kraja. Čistili smo spomenik posvećen partizanskim žrtvama 6. dalmatinske brigade koji je devastiran i zapuštenu i, očito, nitko o njemu ne vodi brigu. Ne smijemo dozvoliti da se zaborave vrijednosti antifašističke borbe.


I would like to thank my husband Eric, without whom nothing would be possible, my mother Mira, my Rada Brkić, my friends Bora and Alen Soric (lawyer), Nikola from Vrbica and my "Germans", who also support me. I thank all those who have joined this association to do something - I need your help of all kinds. This association stands for ecology, culture, tourism. Please contact us and let us do something.


Rada Brkic has created a slideshow for us. The video shows nice impressions from the surroundings of Zrmanja.

Rada successfully runs a video channel on Youtube, where she regularly publishes articles on cooking, homemade food and drink or stories about the people in the area.

About us

We are the Nature Protection Association Zrmanja Vrelo (Croatian: Ekološka Udruga Zrmanja Vrelo). Founded in January 2020 with the aim, to promote nature conservation and ecological tourism in the surroundings of Zrmanja Vrelo

You can find our statutes here in the original (Croatian) and here a translation in German and English as a reading aid.

This website can be reached under and .

If you would like to support us, you can use this application form to become a member of us.

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